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What even is Lager?

What even is Lager?
In this post i will hopefully help you understand the different styles and tastes of Lager and a bit of its back history
Enjoy and comment if you want more content like this and yes i will be doing a YouTube Video on this topic
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Lager is a type of beer that has been made for centuries.
It's popularity has waxed and waned over the years but never really went away, with its best days coming during the early 1900s when it was often served ice cold in European cafes.
Today lagers can be found all over the world and come in many different styles including light lagers, dark lagers, doppelbocks, pilsners, bocks and more!
In this post I will discuss what lager is as well as some of the most popular styles of this brew so you know which one to order next time you're out at a bar
So lets start this post talking about how lager is made .
Lager is made using bottom fermenting yeast that works at colder temperatures.
This allows for a crisper and cleaner taste than ales, which are typically top-fermenting beers created with warmer yeasts.
Lager typically takes longer to make than ales.
The fermentation process can take about one week, which is a lot slower than the average ale that takes just two days!
So when and where was lager invented?
Lager was invented in central Europe back in the 17th century! Germany, Poland and Austria are all countries that have been known for their lagers.
There's even a statue of Gambrinus - King of Beer - outside one Austrian brewery to commemorate this important figure in beer history.
So how many different styles are there?
There are a ton of different styles but here's a few that you might be able to find:
Pilsner, Kellerbier, Dortmunder/Export and Marzen. Pilsners tend to have an incredibly pale colour with a light taste while Czech lagers can range from very sweet to dry or sour!
Are lager and beer the same?
Lagers and beers are both beer, but they have their differences. They're brewed using different yeast strains which means that the taste is usually going to be a bit different- some people might say it's crisper or cleaner tasting
When did lager become popular in the UK?
Lagers started to gain popularity when they became cheaper, around 1800. As soon as this happened there were more pubs and breweries popping up all over England!
Lagers are sometimes called "pilsners" as well because they originated in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia (now modern day western Bohemia). The first use of this term was to describe beers made by breweries close to Plzeň, which were famous for their light-colored clear brews with soft flavors. Today, some people consider this type of brewing process outdated or boring since most pilsner beers have similar characteristics
I will be drinking these 3 styles in my video
What does a Kellerbier taste like?
Kellerbiers are known for their rich, malty flavours. They're also classified as lager beers because they ferment at colder temperatures than other styles of beer- around 54 degrees Fahrenheit or 12 degrees Celsius!
what does a marzen taste like?
Marzens are a Märzen-style lager that are brewed during warmer months with more hops and higher alcohol content than the German variety. They're typically dark in colour, but they should be served at cooler temperatures for best flavour
what does a double bock taste like?
This style of lager is a bock beer that has double the malt content. This means it's more filling and higher in alcohol than other styles. It should be served at colder temperatures so you can enjoy all those taste notes
I hope this gave you a bit more info about lagers and how much more they are then just the light and bubbly version we all love and watch my tasting video on these beers and many other beer reviews on my youtube channel

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